Wellness should be as consistent and ongoing as the evergreen tree. 


Evergreen is Barrie’s destination for wellness services and classes that will improve both your mental and physical health. Taking time to regularly check in with your mind and body is one of the best investments you can make to improve mobility, increase energy levels and decrease pain. 


We give you the opportunity to discover the benefits of slowing down and making space. The opportunity to feel better. 

Claire Lucht.jpg

Our newest team member: Claire Lucht, RMT

Thai Massage
Restorative Yoga + Massage
Meditation + Mindfulness

Claire is available:  
MONDAY 1pm - 7pm
TUESDAY 10am - 5pm 
SUNDAY 8am - 8pm 




The Mindful Massage is our signature service at Evergreen and a treatment designed to reconnect you with your physical and mental well being. It is time to feel better.